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Why Dream Builders Wood?

For over 30 years we have worked in carpentry, focused on the custom decoration of interior and exterior spaces, transforming wood to fit your needs and make your dreams come true, optimizing every space to add comfort and design to each room of your home or office.

Purchasing from Dream Builders Wood is purchasing directly from the manufacturer, reducing potential miscommunications, or errors. But most importantly, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Dream Builders Wood manufactures each project in our workshop in Honolulu, Hawaii. Offering our customers high-quality products made with locally sourced materials.

With Dream Builders Wood, you can choose the style and size of your products, serving odd-sized needs. We offer special orders manufacturing with different wood types and different sizes to precisely fit your needs.

Our equipment and craftmanship offer high-quality construction. We offer a different selection of stains and glaze finish colors. If the desired finish cannot be found in the standard colors, Dream Builders Wood can custom-mix colors to perfectly match your needs.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets & More

Are you looking for custom kitchen cabinets? Dream Builders Wood brings beautiful craftsmanship, excellent materials, and attention to detail to every job. Eric’s custom cabinetry is unmatched, making it an easy choice.

For a FREE estimate on your custom kitchen cabinets and more by giving Dream Builders Wood a call today.