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Our History

Eric Blanco

Owner and Chief Carpenter

Dream Builders Wood company began with a dream by owner and chief carpenter, Eric Blanco. As a young child coming from humble beginnings in the Dominican Republic, Eric dedicated his free time to writing poems and sketching designs for his mother, Flor. His drawings, unique and elegant, would later inspire his designs that today beautify homes all over Hawaii.

At seventeen, Eric began his woodworking career using the name “Tony Blanco”, founding his first workshop, Tony Blanco Wood Designs in the Dominican Republic.

Eric soon started developing his early designs for interior decoration, particularly kitchens, doors, furniture, bedrooms, bathrooms, closet systems, and offices. Clients, upon seeing his designs, recognized the craftsmanship and quality of all his projects.  Although he was still a young man, Eric quickly acquired prestige in his city, being recognized as one of Santo Domingo’s best carpenters and artists. Soon thereafter, his hard work earned him a place as one of the best design companies in the Dominican Republic. Eric was honored by an invitation to lunch with the President of the country.


“Today I am gratified to hear that many of my old clients still treasure their furniture from over 30 years ago, furniture that not only has retained incredible value but has been shared and passed to different generations.”

In 2001, Eric moved to the United States with new hopes and aspirations. He quickly learned the struggle that accompanies starting over in a new country. After many hardships, Eric found himself in need of inspiration.  It came later in the form of the film Secretariat. The story of Secretariat gave Eric the confidence and momentum to pull himself up to take the risks associated with new opportunity in his new country. Using the greatest racehorse as his logo, Eric re-opened a new workshop in 2016. Dream Builders Wood in Oahu, Hawaii was born.

Today, Eric is pleased to have realized his dreams as a young boy from the Dominican Republic. Dream Builders Wood of Oahu creates fine finish furniture for Hawaii’s Ohanas community, committed to exceeding all expectations by creating exclusive designs to last a lifetime.

“Seeing people’s desires for something exclusive, made me feel that it was the moment that I longed for.”

Custom Kitchen Cabinets & More

Are you looking for custom kitchen cabinets? Dream Builders Wood brings beautiful craftsmanship, excellent materials, and attention to detail to every job. Eric’s custom cabinetry is unmatched, making it an easy choice.

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